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Tales of Psychotherapy (букинист)

Tales of Psychotherapy (букинист)
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Формат книги: 23 на 15 см

Редактор: Ryan, Jane

Тип обложки: Мягкая обложка

Страниц: 288


ISBN: 978-1-85575-492-8

Код: 24414


In this collection of short stories, insightful accounts and sensitive writing by thirty-eight authors from both sides of the consulting room demonstrate the boundless possibilities for fusing the two narrative processes of fiction and psychotherapy.

The short story is a much-loved genre, the neat parcel of illusion that you can open in a brief hour of retreat to have the pleasure of experiencing another window on life and another state of consciousness. Many of the stories in this book will provide the reader with such enjoyment, as well as the satisfaction of being able to see deeply into the lives of others through these transparent and extraordinary accounts.

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