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Principles of Psychopathology (букинист)

Principles of Psychopathology (букинист)
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Формат книги: 16.5 на 24 см

Издательство: McGraw-Hill book company

Тип обложки: Твердый переплет

Страниц: 525

Код: 23886


From the preface
Psychopathology is a part of behavioral science. An understanding of the phenomena of disordered behavior depends, fundamentally, upon an under-handing of the principles of ordered behavior. When turning for the first rime to the study of psychopathology, it is therefore unnecessary for the reader to acquire new concepts. He may proceed effectively with those principles that have been worked out in the experimental laboratory and the natural habitat, and to which he has already been exposed in his earlier studies.
Many sciences have contributed to our knowledge of these principles; psychology, biology, biochemistry, genetics, sociology, and anthropology are among the foremost. In this book, the problems of psychopathology are approached from the base provided by these sciences. Impatience to find answers to the pressing human problems of psychopathology has impelled some to abandon the laborious (and frequently fruitless) business of systematic investigation in favor of the comforts of authority or the self-assurances of personal conviction. When we do this, we merely delay progress on the serious matters at hand.
Much of this is obvious. Surprisingly, however, the presentation of the material of abnormal psychology to the university student has not tended to reflect these methods and principles. Many college courses are conceived in terms that owe little to behavioral science and much to the metaphors of psychoanalysis and to the case histories of descriptive psychiatry. ...

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