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Conditioning Techniques in Clinical Practice and Research (букинист)

Conditioning Techniques in Clinical Practice and Research (букинист)
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Формат книги: 16 на 23.5 см

Издательство: Springer Publishing

Тип обложки: Твердый переплет

Страниц: 328


Код: 23950


During the past decade many clinical psychologists and psychiatrists have been turning toward a behavioral orientation in the etiology, diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric and somatic disorders. There has been a surge in practical methods of modifying behavior, reported in hundreds of clinical and research papers.

This volume deals particularly with the uses of conditioning techniques in clinical practice and research. It contains 25 papers which represent a sample of material available in the English-speaking world.

In his extensive introduction, Dr. Franks discusses the background of behavioral techniques and their growth from the works of Pavlov, Hull and Watson to contemporary Western and Soviet developments in research and clinical methods. The selected articles present the uses of conditioning techniques in many kinds of clinical situations—alcoholism, uncinate fits, autistic children, hysterical blindness, smoking, pain, asthmatic attacks, brain-damaged children, enuresis, constipation, hearing tests for children, multiple tics, chronic psychosis, childbirth, morphine addiction, and more. Because of this wide scope, the volume is of interest not only to psychologists and psychiatrists but also to physicians in many other specialities.

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