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Children in treatment (букинист)

Children in treatment (букинист)
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Формат книги: 15.7 на 23.3 см

Авторы: ,

Издательство: Brunner/Mazel Publishers, Inc

Тип обложки: Твердый переплет

Страниц: 191


ISBN: 0-87630-144-8

Код: 24331


Children are not just ordinary patients in psychotherapeutic practice. They present many special problems—they don’t come voluntarily and often claim to have no problem, may be nonverbal, have difficulty sitting still, and may leave the therapist at a loss as to how to use his or her knowledge and therapeutic techniques.

In this volume, two highly experienced therapists and teachers of therapists introduce the beginning child psychotherapist to this perplexing world of children. They not only integrate psychodynamic theory with methodology and techniques, but also offer practical suggestions and advice about how to proceed in clinical work with children and their families.

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