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The Transparent Oracle

The Transparent Oracle
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Hello, and welcome to the The Transparent Oracle; I hope you will become good friends! Why not get to know each other as friends would, perhaps as children? Play together, ask questions—without worrying about sounding clever or silly or how simple or strange the questions may be. Most importantly, tell stories to each other. If you lay out a white cloth and spread the cards < iver it, see which ones call to you— what do I hey have to say to you? Which other cards do they want to play with? Spend some lime simply experimenting and forming your own relationship with the cards, lis-ten to what they have to say, and have fun logether. My role here as author is simply to introduce you. This book is a collection of hints and starting points to get you on your way to building a mutual understand-ing with these cards. If we continue with the conversational and playful metaphor, then this book tells you a little about where the symbols on these cards have been and what ihey’ve been doing all their lives, as well as about where they live and why they like it there. There is only so much that you can be told though, and it is far better for you to spend time with them yourself, gaining your own insights and forming your own opinions. Each card has depth and complexity of meaning, the subtleties of which will be affected by any other combination of cards it interacts with, just as we are affected by people and our environment. Of course, if you’ve met these symbols before and know each other well, then you can launch right into a deep relationship or a complex game. You may even wish to have a serious conversation about the meaning of life, the universe, and everything! To quote Humphrey Bogart, “This could be the start of a beautiful friendship”...

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