The Conditioning Therapies (букинист)

The Conditioning Therapies (букинист)
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Издательство: Holt, Rinehart and Winston

Страниц: 192

Код: 23887


Devoted to the highly controversial topic of conditioning therapies in psychotherapy, this valuable collection of papers represents the work of twelve leading researchers and practitioners.

The book reports on the University of Virginia Conference, April 1962, and has been expertly edited to provide clear and lively reading.

In calling attention to the growing strength of the conditioning therapies in psychotherapy, the authors investigate and discuss

• how, and on what bases, the conditioning therapies challenge the now dominant psychoanalytic school in psychotherapy

• how the conditioning therapies have contributed to the understanding of neuroses

• what clinical evidence of therapeutic effectiveness has been accumulated for the conditioning therapies

Amplifying and enriching the book are charts, illustrations, and references.

An appendix supplies an annotated bibliography of clinical studies. Particularly illuminating are the discussions following each paper, made by the author and his colleagues.

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