Basic Readings in Neuropsychology (букинист)

Basic Readings in Neuropsychology (букинист)
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Формат книги: стандартный, 13.8 на 20.8 см

Издательство: HARPER & ROW

Страниц: 430

Код: 23949


This collection of papers includes many articles that represent a significant segment of the classic literature of neuropsychology. The word neuropsychology is used to describe the relationship between behavior and the activities of the nervous system, and it is found in ever-increasing frequency in current literature in the field of physiological psychology. Of course, not all psychologists, nor all physiological psychologists, are primarily interested in the interaction between the nervous system and behavior, but since the work of Lashley, neuropsychology has become a major branch of physiological psychology. Today there is an increase both in the number of publications in the area of neuropsychology and in the number of psychologists on research teams containing neuroanatomists, neurosurgeons, neurologists, biochemists, and other professional students of neural and behavioral phenomena.

The student beginning his study of neuropsychology is confronted with a vast number of original articles and a not inconsiderable number of review articles. Too often, I believe, the student fails to return to the original reports and relies on discussions of them appearing in reviews. Many of the early articles that represent milestones in psycho-physiological research go unread. These original contributions are important for more than historical reasons; the student should learn why classics are classics through critical study and evaluation. Often, however, this is not easy for the student to accomplish, for even where library facilities are excellent, the articles may not be available in numbers sufficient for assignment as readings to groups of students. Unfortunately, many universities do not have complete sets of journals, which makes the problem more acute. By making these original articles more readily available to the student, this volume can serve as a supplement to library facilities.

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