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Reason and Emotion in Psychotherapy (бук)

Reason and Emotion in Psychotherapy (бук)

Автор: Ellis A.

Год: 1962

ID товара: 22852

Артикул: бк22852

ISBN: 0-8065-0909-0

Страниц: 442

400 ₽
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A new and comprehensive method of treating human disturbance has been developed by Dr. Albert Ellis. It differs strongly from the Freudian psychoanalytical approach, from nondirective and passive methods of therapy, and from highly emotionalized and indulgent forms of treatment. In contrast, it provides a vigorously active-directive, unpampering, philosophically challenging technique of attacking psychological disorders.

Dr. Ellis’ new method, known as rational-emotive psychotherapy, has been impressively effective in overcoming a wide range of disturbances in surprisingly few therapeutic sessions. Our civilization tends to encourage neuroses because most people are brought up to believe and then to internalize and to keep reinforcing themselves with arrant nonsense which must inevitably lead them to become ineffective, self-defeating and unhappy. Dr. Ellis aims to get such people to disbelieve their irrational ideas and to change their self-sabotaging attitudes. His method has been remarkably successful.

Internationally known and acclaimed, Dr. Albert Ellis has published over four hundred papers in psychological, psychiatric and sociological journals and anthologies. Among his many successful books have been How to Live With a Neurotic, Sex Without Guilt, Sex and the Single Man, The Art and Science of Love, The Folklore of Sex, and Executive Leadership : A Rational Approach.

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