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Let your body interpret your dreams (бук)

Let your body interpret your dreams (бук)

Автор: Gendlin E.T.

Год: 1986

ID товара: 22765

Артикул: 22765

ISBN: 978-0-933029-01-9

Страниц: 196

400 ₽
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A Profound New Method with Dreams

In research at the University of Chicago, Dr. Gendlin found that certain specific bodily responses can open up and lead to small steps of new experience. These bodily responses can indicate the steps for interpreting a dream.

Theories about dreams differ and give contradictory interpretations. Dr. Gendlin derives 16 questions (see inside back cover) from the many existing theories to aid you, the dreamer, in the process of interpretation. In this book Dr. Gendlin teaches you to ask the questions so that your body can respond. You learn to recognize how it feels when a question is about to lead to a breakthrough. You learn to let the question complete itself so that the dream opens and you know without doubt what it is about.

The first stage is learning what the dream is about. But this alone may not yet tell you anything you did not know before.

The second stage is getting something new from the dream for your own development.

The bias control solves what was, until now, an insurmountable problem: People could not interpret their own dreams because they always imposed their usual biases on them. The bias control shows you how to open yourself to a new step.

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